Menu Plan Monday

For those of you that are not from my last blog, and don’t know how I menu plan, I only plan Monday through Friday. The weekends are usually out and about and using up leftovers.  I also tend to create an appetizer spread on Sunday night, using leftovers, that we eat while watching a movie or sporting event.


This week is not a week I’ve been looking forward to.  We start soccer practice for the fall. My three kids are on three different teams this year.  Oy!  While I’m grateful practices all worked out to be on different nights so I don’t have to juggle multiple places on the same night, I’m not crazy about spending 4 nights a week at practice during dinner time.

I am fairly adamant about not going through drive-thru and getting fast food.  There are so many other times that we need to do that, I don’t like to add the loss of money and health to their growing bodies over the week, especially when they’re needing added nutrition for sports.

That said, from now until Thanksgiving will have to be filled with 4 dinners a week that I can either prep super fast, throw in the crock pot, or prepare ahead.

There are things I only make during sports seasons and not the rest of the year, mostly because they fit the above criteria and we have to repeat them so much during the season that we would get sick of them if I made those dishes during the off season as well.  In other words, expect my menus to be repetitive for the next three months. 🙁

So here is the plan this week!

Menu Plan Monday August 15 through 19

Mondays are my lazy breakfast days.  We almost always have cereal.  But it’s the only day of the week that we do, so I don’t really feel bad.

That said, as school starts I am looking to streamline this year.  I’m thinking the same thing every Monday, every Tuesday, etc… for a month at a time.  I’m hoping that will help me stay on track with solid, healthy breakfasts each school day.  I’d love any breakfast suggestions that fit those parameters.  Please leave them in the comments! 

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