Menu Plan for This Week

This week and next week are busy with end of the school year and 6th grade promotion things.  That said, there’s a bit more convenience going into this plan than normal.

Menu Plan Monday June 5-9If you’d like to see a video of the grocery haul that goes with this plan you can check it out on my YouTube channel:

Menu Plan Monday – May 2017

This week life is starting to settle back into normal.  It’s still busy with the end of the school year, but nothing like the last 6 weeks have been for me.  That said, my very bare fridge is now full, and my master plan for the week has been laid.

Also, the weather predictions this week are quite crazy.  We’ll be ranging from the low 60’s to the mid 90’s, so I’m not really feeling like a certain type of food.  We’re all over the map in this plan.

Menu Plan Monday in MayWhat’s on your menu this week?

Easter Pins I’ve Made

What’s on my Easter Pinterest board? Not your standard ham! Cocktails, desserts, bunny rolls and more!

I’ve been roaming Pinterest to see what I’ve pinned for Easter ideas.  There’s always too much to choose from! I ended up having to create an entirely new Pinterest board dedicated to Easter.

Here are the favorites I’ve narrowed it down to so far.  I’m staying away from the main dish as everyone seems to have their traditional ‘must make’ main dish.  Side dishes tend to be a bit more changeable.

And by the way, you can find the link for these and more Easter items (cocktails, decorations, etc…) on my Easter Food Pinterest Board.  You can also click on the hyperlinks in the post.

Pinterest Easter Food Board

This Chilled Spring Pea Soup from Just A Little Bit of Bacon could be a first course for a fancy brunch or served on its own. 

chilled spring pea soupAnd these cute fruit shapes from Living Locurto would be great for kids!

Easter Shaped FruitSpeaking of cute bunny shaped food, these bunny shaped rolls from Plated Cravings look way easier to make than I would have thought.

Easy Easter Bunny RollsI must be on a bunny kick, because what do bunnies eat?  Carrots!  And these honey garlic roasted carrots from Carlsbad Cravings look sooooooo good.

honey garlic roasted carrotsHow about dessert?  These pistachio cookies are a change from the normal, but the pastel green totally fits Easter.

pistachio cookiesAnd these carrot cake cookies with cream cheese frosting from Two Sisters Crafting look to die for!

carrot cake cookies with cream cheese frostingJust a disclaimer – I have not tried any of these yet, just thought I’d share what’s jumping off the screen at me lately. 

Menu Plan Monday – The First Week of April

This is Spring Break for my kids, so the breakfasts are a little more extravagant than normal.  I’ve also had to back off how many times I assign leftovers to lunches.  My kids and hubby prefer leftovers to sammies, but they’re eating more.  I need to start making larger recipes and doubling recipes.  My son officially (as of today) has bigger feet than I do.  He eats a lot. 

Here’s the quick and dirty menu for the week:

menu plan april

What’s on your menu for the week? 

Menu Plan Monday – The End of March 2017

A quick and simple menu plan for this crazy busy week!

I could swear March just started!

I haven’t been great about sharing my menu plans.  I’m trying to get better at it.  This is a busy week so you’re going to see some shockingly unhealthy convenience dinners.  (Gasp now and get it over with).

Menu Plan end of March

And that’s the short and simple version of our food this week. 

I’d love to know what type of menu features you’d like to see!  Leave a comment if you like plans that included different types of meals or information (ex, Whole30, how I plan, etc…).