Hittin’ the Road….er…Plane

I’ve been busy getting ready for a short trip with my husband.  We’re going to East Tennessee for a few days to investigate the possibility of moving there.  As a result, there has been no gourmet fare around here.  Not even close.  In fact, we’ve had frozen orange chicken and hot dogs this week.  Last night was spaghetti only because I had sauce made and in the freezer.  Sometimes, that’s just how life is.

I try to make time for real food, both for the time together and the nutrition, but getting a house and three little kids ready for a few days with the fabulous MIL in control (in addition to three special events in school) has required to give myself a little grace this time around.

BUT, while I won’t be blogging on road, I will be Instagramming!  Did you know you can follow me on Instragram?  I’m DailyRationWithAlicia or you can follow this link!

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