Crock Pot Garlic Ham and White Bean Soup

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]I’ve always been curious about my college roommate’s favorite soup, ham and navy bean soup.  She talked about how good it was, putting in a ham bone, she’d lick her lips while talking.  I’d never had it.  I grew up in a house that didn’t eat ham.  I’d have some at friend’s houses and restaurants, but not much beyond bacon.

Croct Pot Garlic Ham and White Bean Soup

This year I decided to try it, so I set out to find a recipe.  Then I ran into a problem.  I can’t find navy beans anywhere near me.  So in this recipe I mashed up a general list of ingredients that seem to be shared by most ham and navy bean soup recipes and tinkered with them to get my own levels of each item.  I also substituted white beans for navy beans just out of necessity.

I used a leftover Christmas ham for this.  I wasn’t quite ready to make it right after Christmas, so I froze both the ham bone and the amount of chopped ham I wanted to use in this.  It worked out perfectly.

Set it, forget it, enjoy it!

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