Coming Soon – 30 Days of Soups, Stews, and Chilis!

I love soup.  And stew. And chili.  Every fall I wait for the temperature to drop enough to justify making it, and every year, near the middle of January, I start to get tired of my favorites.  I have 2 months of soup weather still ahead, but I want something new.  30 dyas of soups, stews, and chilis

That’s why this year I decided to do a marathon of soup experimentation.  I will be posting 30 soup recipes (or stew or chili), 30 days in a row.  Some of them will be my family favorites.  Some of them will be new experiments I create.  Some of them will be recipes I’ve pinned or found in magazines and on blogs and I’ve been wanting to try.  I’ll be making those and reviewing the recipes for you.

It’s time to break the mid winter doldrums.  But I’m not ready to break it by buying that bikini I saw at Target right after Christmas.  And I’m not ready to pretend there’s an early spring out there.  I am ready for some new flavor combinations. 

Soups have the advantage of being versatile and healthy.  Raise your bowls and get ready to beat the winter blues without having to pretend it’s not winter.

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