Ch-ch-ch-changes. We’ve Moved!

Did you read that title with an old chia pet commercial in your head? I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged. You might want to sit back with a cup of coffee for this one. 😂

What’s been happening?

First off, we’ve moved! From Southern California in a fairly big city to a tiny town in East Tennessee. I’m enjoying country life on 4 acres and I’ve already started seeds and ordered fruit trees.

The last several months have been filled with unpacking, getting 3 kids adjusted and plugged into their three schools, plugging in ourselves, and my husband started his new job here.

Our intention here is to semi-homestead. I say semi because the husband loves the idea, and is totally involved in setting it up, but he will never not work outside the home. He’s just not the homebody that I am. 😂. But we do intend to grow a garden, start a fruit orchard, and eventually add chickens, possibly bees (way in the future) and nut trees too!

Dream picture of my future garden.

The future of this blog

So what’s in store for this blog? Will this be a homesteading blog now? NO! It’s still recipes because I have a deep love for cooking, experimenting, and sharing the success stories with the world.

I will say, however, that it will probably include more recipes with fresh, seasonal produce. Since a life intention of mine is to grow a lot of my own food, preserve it, eat it fresh in season, share it, and use it to feed my family, I’ll be creating a lot more recipes that reflect those items. When I’m experimenting with tomatoes in the midst of the summer abundance, I’ll share what I’m doing with you. When my fruit trees mature and I’m filling our plates with apples we’ve harvested here, I’ll be posting those recipes. When the winter vegetable crops like broccoli and cauliflower are coming in, I’ll bring a few ideas to your table as well.

I’d love your help with something!

So what do I want from you? I’d love to know a few things to serve you better. If you have time and don’t mind commenting below, I’ll be better able to bring you the types of recipes you want. So here’s what I’m wondering about the several thousand of you that read my blog. What fruits and vegetables would you be most excited to get recipes for? While this will always remain a food blog, do you want updates from the garden and around the homestead as well? Or would you rather just see the food? Do you have any questions about our move/property/new life you’d like me to answer in an upcoming post?

I haven’t been completely off-grid during this transition.

As I get my blogging act back together, there are a few other places on the net that you can find more details about the last few months of my life if you’d like to see that aspect of things. If you want more food ideas and some updates about life in general, you might be interested in my Instagram account – DailyRationWithAlicia. If you want a video tour of the property and the homestead plans, you can check out my YouTube channel.


  1. Aunt Mary Ellen on February 27, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Want to see everything, but what do you expect from your nosy Aunt Still STUCK in Cali!

  2. mandy adcock on February 27, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    So excited for you and if I know you – you will have that dream garden someday!!!!
    I love in season produce recipes! Veggie side dishes too!

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