The State of the Homestead Address – Early Spring 2023

spring pictures from the homestead

This post is just an update of what’s going on around here while I get ready to grow more food, which means more cooking, which means more recipes. 😉

Things are Blooming!

So the peaches, plums, and nectaplums all bloomed early due to our unusual February warm up. Which of course led immediately into a freeze and we lost the blooms. I tried to use frost protection but it only helps 1-3 degrees. We dropped into the low 20’s. But I got a nice shot of the buds before they fell off.

peach tree buds

Baby Chicks are 2 Weeks Old Now

I got one white leghorn (long story). She’s not a chicken I wanted but ended up with. She’s the most energetic little thing and the family has come to love her. My youngest daughter claimed her and named her Henry. Don’t ask. I also got two silver laced wyandottes. Those have been on my list forever! My middle daughter named one of them Helen Hufflepuff and my hubby and I named the other Penny. The last one is a black copper maran and I’m pretty sure it’s a roo. Which is funny because it’s the one my son picked and he has a habit of picking roos. He named his Dodo. Because he names his chickens after other birds that don’t fly. He’s clever that way.


We’ve had Some Crazy Spring Storms!

Luckily we haven’t had any tornadoes, but we’ve had some wind that took out power for quite a while and knocked trees down all over town. It took out a whole tree on my property at the base!

crazy storms took out a whole tree

We have a lot of things in bloom right now!

I love seeing the spring blooms around. The apple orchard, the tulips, the crab apple (pictured below) and lots of other things are blooming, leafing out, and coming back to life. It’s so nice to see green again!

If you like spring or homestead eye candy, you might be interested in my YouTube channel! Over there on All Things Alicia I’ve just uploaded about a two minute slide show with more spring photos set to calming music for your enjoyment!


  1. April Mann on April 14, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    Love the photos and I look forward to the recipes!

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