Cheesy Chicken Flatbread with Mushrooms and Bacon

This is one of those things you can throw together really quickly if you have leftover chicken to use up.  Frozen Naan bread and a few staple ingredients paired with just a few minutes in the oven make a great, versatile, meal or snack.


chicken bacon mushroom flatbread from

All you need is:

Frozen Naan bread

leftover chopped chicken

cheddar and Gouda cheeses

sliced mushrooms

cooked crumbled bacon


The Simple Assembly:

You can use whatever amounts of these you like.  If you love mushrooms, layer them on thick.  If you don’t like bacon (what?!) just leave it out.  Don’t have leftover chicken?  These would be great with the just the cheeses, mushrooms and bacon.

Just put the Naan on a baking sheet and set the oven to whatever temperature the package directs you to.

Throw the Naan in and bake according to package directions.  Then layer the ingredients on top, finishing with the cheeses.  Put it back in the oven until the cheese melts.

It’s ready to eat that quickly.  Seriously, less than 20 minutes.


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