DIY Taco Seasoning Recipe

Taco seasoning is something I use a lot here. It’s not just for tacos and burritos. This is a generally good spice mix that I also put in chili and the occasional casserole or dip. But those seasoning packets in the store are expensive! This taco seasoning recipe is one I’ve adjusted over time and pleases not only my whole family, but guests we serve as well!


This is part of a series of making your own mixes! You can find links to my homemade ranch seasoning mix, my chili powder, and my dry onion soup mix at the bottom of this post!

Why would you want to make your own taco seasoning when you can buy it premade?!

There are a lot of reasons! When I started making my own mixes, taco seasoning was a given. It might have been the first DIY mix recipe I came across. We love tacos and I also had other recipes that called for taco seasoning. One day I was out of packets and went searching Google for a substitute. That led to me vowing to never buy packets again!

My original #1 reason was to save money. Those packets of taco seasoning weren’t cheap. And now they cost even more! And even if I stocked them when they were on sale, the money saved when making my own in bulk was significant.

My #2 eventually became my #1 . Years ago, as I started the deep dive into food and what goes in ours, I was horrified by what’s in the things we use every day. Even basic ingredients! So I started making more from scratch. I’ve always been able to cook from scratch, but time and life had me compromising. It was really the deep dive into food that got me into homesteading. So my current #1 reason is to control the ingredients.

This taco mix is gluten free. It’s filler free. It’s anti-caking agent free. I control the sodium level and the nutrition level of the ingredients.

I don’t need to add anti caking agents to keep it from becoming a big clump during shipping. In fact, I help the environment by not needing the packaging and not needing it shipped.

I don’t need to add ingredients to keep it stable on the shelf longer, or brighten colors.

When I grow herbs and garlic and onions, those items aren’t monocropped and are more nutrient dense.

I can make mine organic way cheaper than the store can. In fact, since I grow organic, I make mine organic cheaper than the store makes the conventional stuff.


No worries if you don’t grow your own!

I didn’t start out that way either. As you can see, I brought up my spices and herbs from my bulk pantry to have my mix-making day. Some of them are from my garden (in the mason jars) and some are store bought. I used several store bought items in today’s batch. It’s ok! You are still saving money and are still controlling your ingredients!


Tips for making mixes:

1- I find it easiest to gather all the ingredients for all the mixes I want to make and do them all at the same time. It actually takes longer to gather the ingredients than to make the mix! It also makes it more worth while when you buy herbs and ingredient in bulk since there are a lot of common ingredients in several different mixes. On the day I made this batch of homemade taco seasoning mix I also made chili powder, ranch mix, and dry onion soup mix. And I had it ALL done in less than 20 minutes!

2- Get out all the equipment first. You don’t need special stuff. Just bowls to mix it in, measuring cups and spoons, and jars or containers to store your mixes in. It goes more smoothly if you have a bowl out for each mix you’re making, and all the different measuring tools ready so you’re not stopping and hunting for things as you go.

3- Make them in bulk! I like to make mine in bulk rather than what would equal one packet of the store bought stuff. That allows me to only have to make it once every few months. It also allows me to adjust the mixes in recipes. For example, if I’m using my taco seasoning, and the recipe calls for one packet, but I think it tastes better with just a little bit more, I can add just a little bit more. I don’t have to go with just one packet and leave it underwhelming, and I don’t have to use a partial packet to add more and then have a half used, open packet sitting in my pantry. Make sense?

4- Make notes! You might want to change these up the next time you make them. I changed my ranch recipe about 4 times before I got it exactly how our family likes it (and that’s the version linked below). We like less pepper and more garlic and dill. Each family and person is different. Make notes about which ingredients you might want to adjust up or down for next time! You can make it spicier or saltier or whatever floats your boat!

But just in case, I’m giving the taco seasoning recipe to you both ways!

The chart below shows the ingredients and measurements for making what equals one packet and also measurements for a larger batch, which would equal five packets. You can double that if you want and make ten! Or more! Just don’t make more than you would use in a year.


You should be able to right click on the image above and save it as an image so you can print it out if you want. The printable recipe card below is for the large batch recipe.

I hope you enjoy making your own mixes and having control over your own food! You might be interested in my other mixes:

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Chili Powder (yes, it’s a mix!) and you can use it in this taco seasoning!

Dry Onion Soup Mix

You might also be interested in my cookbook, available on Amazon in Kindle or print!

The print version is here

The Kindle version is here

Let me know in the comments what dry mixes you like to make yourself! I’m always looking for ways to replace store bought grocery items!

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DIY Taco Seasoning Recipe
DIY-homemade-taco-seasoning, recipe
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DIY-homemade-taco-seasoning, recipe
Votes: 1
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